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Hope "springs" eternal!

I just know it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend. I sit here relaxing on my last week day of spring break listening to my music with the background noise of a distant lawnmower. It is spring!

At the beginning of last spring, I was looking ahead to an eventful summer and prepping for my daughter’s last year in college! Checking off “to do” lists and planning for the future. I had no idea that my hips would be in that future! They had not talked to me for 10 years and then they began screaming at me. A great way to start the summer, right? But, fast forward to today, I am hope! I see hope in myself and others.

I have been so encouraged by many stories that I have run across this last week. From the beaming and elated face of a patient crossing the finish line of a pretty incredible race to the hopeful spirit of people who are in pain but retain their humor. People are doing amazing things with their hips. Running marathons, biking across the country, holding toddlers. What is also amazing is many of our fellow “hippies” have the hope of returning to normalcy – a future where their hips are not their focus.

The spring time certainly has its share of symbolism, the blossoming of flowers, the old familiar ground hog and the end of winter hibernation. In California this year, we have been able to see spring beauty with poppy blooms all over the hillsides. With flowers comes the thought, too, of the beautiful butterfly. The butterfly’s patterns represent uniqueness and the butterfly itself represents change, growth, and metamorphosis.

But here is a thought: “The butterfly said to the sun, ‘They can’t stop talking about my transformation. I can only do it once in my lifetime. If they only knew, they can do it at any time and in countless ways’”.

I do not want to be like a butterfly though. I want to continue to be able to transform myself continually – whether it be the color of my hair, the ability for me to stay in the moment and not catastrophize a situation or feeling, the ability for me to develop more empathy and compassion or even just to perfect my crow pose without a face plant (which would be pretty darn incredible).

I want to be able to fine tune my recipe of hope whether it is trusting my newly repaired hips or dealing with any other life challenges. Right now, my recipe is still a work in progress. I add a pinch of hope and dash of humor, bake with appreciation and endurance. Serve with forward movement (varying speeds are fine).

Bake your hope this weekend with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets whether it be in Singapore, Australia, the UK or the U.S. We all experience the same sun and have the capability to experience the same hope!

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