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Heads Or Tails

This week was a new penny kind of week. We adopted a rambunctious 2 month old puppy. Her name is Gigi. She has breathed life into my heart. The opposing part of my heart was feeling so much sadness at the loss of my 18 year old fur baby, Sandy, three weeks ago. I had also been lacking a certain confidence of being able to achieve my goals. After a much needed walk in the sun yesterday, those goals are mine for the taking. I always try to look at the beauty of life from different perspectives. Yesterday as I walked, I saw the bare branches of the trees, but was also able to see the pink blossoms that will appear in a few weeks as they punctuate the fact that life goes on. You can see bare branches in your life or you can choose to see possibility.

For a few months now, I have been following Nick Hannah on Instagram. Nick is a physio and coach from Canada and I’m enamored with his philosophy on communication in his clinical setting. I can definitely see how it can apply to my outlook and even my interactions with my clientele. I have told him that he has brought tears to my eyes with some of his writings.

This is his most recent musing.

“There’s a certain beauty in life’s dualisms.

The contraries. The opposing forces. The yin and yang.

Call it whatever you want.

The equal but opposites show up in many different forms: Darkness and light. Success and failure. Love and hate. Happy and sad. Chaos and organization. Scheduled and spontaneous. Good and bad. Overwhelm and relaxation. Rise and fall. Expansion and contraction. In my head or truly present. Disconnection and connection. Notice and recognize that they are always inseparable. One will never exist without the other. Nor can they. If there is only one extreme, there is no reference point to truly experience the full expression of the duality you’re in.

We need darkness to know light. We need failure to know success. We need to feel hate to know love. We need sadness to feel the full effects of happiness. We need life to be chaotic to know when we’re organized. We need schedules and structure to feel the freedom and joy of spontaneity. We need some bad to know what’s good. We need to be overwhelmed to know what it’s like to be relaxed. We must fall to know how to rise. We need moments of breathlessness to know the miracle of the next breath. We need to be all in our heads sometimes to know what true presence is. We need disconnection to know how important our people and our connections are. So I want you to be brave and embrace life’s dualisms. And know that the harder the hard days get, the more you will come to know the good days when they’re finally with you again. Both are important. Both are perfect."

- Nick Hannah (@hannahmoves)

So, as Nick likes to say, "Get moving". What I like to say is, "Find hope. Find gratitude. If you can't, ask yourself why not and move in the direction so that you can."

Choose positivity and choose people who lift themselves and others up with their words and their actions. Be hip with hope!

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