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Harvesting Hope

Last Saturday, I was a fly on the wall at an outdoor yoga class in the park. I was trying to calm my mind before class started. Beginning the mental shift from rushing to get to class to breathing and relaxing. As I was sitting there in easy pose with eyes closed, I heard another yogi talking to her friend and I heard the phrase, "harvesting hope."

I have been thinking about that all week as I just loved the phrase and how it really applies to this time of year where we are focusing on moving into the fall. A season when the sun begins setting a little earlier and the days begin with crisper and cooler weather.

So, for now, my making lemonade out of lemons phrase will be reserved for spring and summer. Harvesting hope. Same concept. Different season.

Today, I had a drive of a little over 3 hours to find my Zen in a tube. It is the weirdest thing. Some are claustrophobic. For me, I hear the thumping, the clunking and the kerplunking all shouting messages to me. No worries. Strength. Empowerment. Confidence. Hope.

This tube was a MRI machine - not a big deal to me. Like I said, Zen in a tube. I harvested hope after though by combining this "work" trip with pleasure. The pleasure of walking around an outdoor mall where I used to shop as a college student. Years back, I shopped with mental images since I had no money to pay for much of the extravagances at this mall. Home of Bloomingdales, Neiman-Marcus and Tesla.

So, yes. I harvested hope with a nice afternoon in my old stomping grounds as a college student and a young mom. I enjoyed walking in an outdoor mall and enjoying the sun on my face. I passed the hospital where I birthed my first baby 26 years ago. I fed my appetite with an "Ancient Grain Bowl" and a vegan, chocolate flourless cake. Perhaps the "Ancient Grain Bowl" might not sound amazing, but let me tell you, it was amazing. I crave healthy food as I know it helps me harvest hope by giving my body strength to remain confident and strong. Feeding my body with healthy food gives me control. I am eating for hope.

So, shhhh..Did I make lemonade out of lemons? Yes, if it was spring or summer. Today, I harvested hope which has been watered and fertilized by determination and diligence.

Small seeds of hope will gratitude will produce a harvest of hope. - Anonymous

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