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Four Letter Words

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Hey, you'all! I love four letter words. They release tension, they feel good when you say them, and you can contort your face as you speak them. You can mutter them under your breath or yell them! You can even use nonverbal cues to convey your four-letter word thought. They can elicit many responses. Shock! Maybe even awe. They can set the tone for your day and your week. They can even set the tone for your outcomes from your hip woes!

I had not realized to what extent the repetition of four-letter words in my vocabulary had impacted so much of my being. In looking back this last week, I was just exhausted. Not sleeping well. Long week of work. And I was neglecting using certain four-letter words in my utterances and my thoughts!

I stopped using them and replaced them with words like ouch, pain, hate, @#$%, fail, grim, can’t, fear, hard, hurt, quit.

When you repeat these words, you can feel the weight on your shoulders. Go ahead and try it. Say these words. I guarantee you will feel heavier. You will feel that everything is much more difficult. You will feel like you are sludging through the mud.

My light bulb moment came the other night at a yoga class. I feel so light in yoga – and that is one of my favorite four-letter word activities to do. My PT had asked me to lay off the yoga for two weeks to see if my hips felt any better. They did not. After two weeks of no yoga, my mental outlook suffered though for sure! Anyways, I got permission (yeah!) to continue with the yoga from my hip healing surgeon and my PT.

I sweated some and I breathed in and out, but you know what came back to me? It was those four-letter words again. I breathed out, cleared my mind and breathed them back in.

This time they were replaced with life, free, love, will, live, open, safe, well, zeal, best, soul, epic, pure, glad, true, hero, wish and hope.

Now go ahead and say those words. Don’t you feel like you just lost that weight on your shoulders?

So, here is my promise to myself. I am going to use these four-letter words in one context or another to keep some positive vibes going.

Here is my first sentence! I will live my best life with zeal, soul and hope as a true epic hero!

Now go find your words of positivity whether they be a four-letter word or a ten-letter word and start making sentences with those words that will dictate your outlook and your outcomes!

"Words are the most powerful thing in the universe... Words are containers. They contain faith, or fear, and they produce after their kind." —Charles Capps

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