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Fears and Cheers

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

I don’t know where today’s post is taking me. I do know that there is worry and fear. There is that regular built-in day to day worry. Am I good enough? Am I trying hard enough? What’s next? Why me?

And then there’s the big worry that is being collectively felt because of spike proteins (compliments of 2020). Coupled with the grayness of today’s weather, it is so easy to see past negative experiences and to allow them to color today’s perspective.

One part of my writing is with the context of my hip journey, but the other part of me is saying, “This is way bigger than your damn hips!” Fear is real, but how you look at it and allow it to shape you is what is more important.

As I’ve blabbed on and on the last few posts, I have a new favorite musician (Rob Riccardo). I was chillaxin this week and listening to his music. At the prescribed time, one of his songs came on and hit me where it needed to. That place called “fear”. A place that sometimes colors that place where I really love to travel - that town called Hope.

Let’s talk about your fears Every ounce of worry All the things that weigh you down Fears I wanna hear your fears All your inhibitions That keep you on the ground Oh, the stories you tell Oh, you tell to yourself They’re like monsters in the closet And ghouls beneath the bed So if you’re feeling haunted Befriend the ghost inside your head Fears Tell me all your fears All the things that scare you And all the thoughts that hold you back I wanna know your fears And all of your attachments That keep you chained to where you’re at

- Rob Riccardo

For all of us, there are monsters in our closets. And ghosts underneath our beds. And there are attachments we have to those scary things. Those attachments draw our reactions and responses and color a picture that sometimes does not need to be colored with darkness. We need to figure out how to detach ourselves from prior experiences so that a rainbow over the town called Hope can shine through. It takes work. Hard work. It takes practice. But, my daddy used to say, “Practice makes perfect”.

So here’s to a new year with new hope. In the words of my Polish grandparents, "Na zdrowie"! (Cheers).

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