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Okay, well at some time, I promised a laugh or two. And this incident made me self conscious for months and earned my husband a swift sock in the arm. And I'm not taking a girl sock in the arm. It was a sock in the arm by my arm and my efforts and there was no "girl" in the sock that my husband got that day!

I can't remember which of my recent hip surgeries it was, but I recall the moment. I was still on crutches and not driving yet. Which, of course, means I was dependent on my husband for still quite a lot with the exception of him giving me permission to sock him!

My PT was talking to my husband and me about my progress. And, my husband, who sometimes has absolutely no filter - meaning thought in the brain occurs and it goes out the mouth. He has done that so many times that I keep some secrets from him - mostly related to our kids and when it is prefaced with "don't tell dad". But, I digress.

It was a nice enough day to be standing outside chatting and here it comes, "So, Steve, I noticed her one butt cheek is much lower than the other now. When is it not going to be droopy?" I wish I could describe the sound effects of the wooshing sound of my arm and the speed it took to connect to his arm. Of course, it was not a punch to be mean, but it was a punch to convey, "You dummy now you just made me self-conscious of my droopy derrière and its lack of symmetry." Of course, the PT laughed and said, "Man, you just stepped in that. I'm pretty sure if Hopeful Hippie could drive now you would be walking home".

Of course, my unfiltered, darling husband did not really realize his misstep until much later. Probably about the 100th time I asked him, "Is it still droopy?" We laugh about it still and I especially remind him of his "foot in mouth" trait when he says to me, "You are looking good!"

But, at that moment, I did not feel like I would ever get to the point where I would feel empowered again. I still have some glitchy stuff going on with one of my hips, but I have symmetry and balance in hope, optimism, positivity, discouragement even and also in my gluteus maximum and minimus!

"A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your step as you walk the tightrope of life."

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