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Dear Virus,

It is with the utmost happiness and glee that I am letting you know that you are fired! You were hired to wreak havoc on our bodies, spirits and minds. Although there is evidence that you are succeeding on one job duty, you will fail the others.

Additionally, you are being informed that although my body has a few glitches, I am strong and balanced. You underestimate my level of focus and resiliency. You also have no ability to take away my joy or my hope. I remain balanced in my hip recovery as you can see from my enclosed picture taken today. I will continue to remain strong. You have misjudged the strength of the human spirit and the minds of scientists and doctors. You have gotten your fifteen minutes of fame and at the end of the day, it will be only be 15 minutes. You may collect dust in history books one day, but what will be most remembered is the way that humans across the globe worked together to send you your pink slip! Mindsets will have changed and the focus is on what is really important - the human experience.

Finally, your personnel file will indicate that you are not able to be rehired.

With no sincerity,

Hopeful Hippie

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