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Big Girls Don't Cry

I’m laying flat on my back with legs elevated as instructed, pumping my ankles as my husband is showering and singing with his music. I am longing for a shower, but that will come tomorrow. Perfect song just came on. Big Girls Don’t Cry. I yelled at him and said, “You just gave me inspiration!”. He agreed that big girls don’t cry until they do!

There is nothing wrong with tears, but I have none at this moment. I’m sure there will be frustration in the coming weeks. I did have a heart sinking, gut wrenching thought of, “Why me?” as I struggled to get comfortable in a sea of pillows. Just for a second though as I reminded myself – why not me? My body is imperfect as all of ours are. I am imperfect. But I am strong willed and stubborn. Everyone of my friends reminds me that I heal well and I always laugh and say, “Yeah, but I also break down equally well!” I am a big girl wearing big girl panties even though I can’t dress myself at this moment in time. I am a big girl who will not cry until I do.

But it will be okay. My spirit is high, moving forward, one slow and measured step at a time. Dig deep to find that gritty attitude. And, if you cry, let the tears come, wipe them away and move on!

Big girls don't cry

(They don't cry)

Big girls don't cry

(Who said they don't cry?)

- The Four Seasons

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