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Another Four-Letter Word

You must all think that I’m obsessed with four letter words recently. I have acknowledged using them and loving how my face can contort when I say them. To those of you that know me personally, your first impression of me using a four-letter word may be a bit comedic. I know my husband has laughed at me on more than one occasion when I use an angry four-letter word. It is slightly out of character for me (but not really). I adore being able to use a middle finger occasionally as I slyly itch my nose. I even love what I call my "mental middle finger". You may not see it, but I am thinking it!

But this particular four-letter word actually consisted of four letters that provided me hope, endurance, strength and even a few rolled eyes (on my part) and perhaps his. Patience with me was at a premium, I’m sure. You see I like to bargain. Please let me try this – just once. Please. Exasperation and then sometimes an “okay”! For almost five months, this four-letter word understood my need to push, but was able to maintain a good balance of reigning me in when I needed it and let me go when I instilled confidence. He helped me find strength through laughter. He helped me find confidence in my ability to work through a spine surgery and some funky hip tendinitis among other things.

This four-letter word is also the source of pride as he will begin serving our country as a Physical Therapist in the Air Force. So, go find your drishti – that of serving others – instilling hope in recovery and humanity! Thank you, Romi!

"Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do."

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