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The sound that “umph” makes, in my mind, just seems like hard work. It is the beginning of the journey when the destination seems light years away. It is the sound that one may make while wallowing in a pity party. It is the sound of a screaming hip. It is the sound of negativity and it is the sound of hopelessness.

But, let’s just think about this for a minute. What you may also not realize is that it is the last four letters of a massively inspiring word. It is the word that you feel in your heart (and hips) when you are on the road to healing. It is the word that will get you to the top of that figurative (and maybe literal) mountain. It is a word with a melody that, to me, goes back to an 80's song. It is the word that my best friend sees and feels every day as she focuses on her recovery as a paraplegic. It is a word that screams, “Hope”.

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