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Wishful Thinking

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I am so engaging in wishful thinking! Today, it will reach 107 degrees. It is hideous outside. It is deceiving. Looking out my window, it looks like it is 56 degrees. Overcast skies. In reality, the gray appearance is from smoke from a multitude of forest fires throughout California. It is suffocating.

In my mind, though, I am in fall. I organized my closet and have all of my lightweight hoodies ready to go. I have a candle lit that is amazing. It is the scent of peace, relaxation and hugs. I also made one of my favorite recipes this weekend. It is comfort food. It is the kind of food that you know is going to make everything perfect as it dances on your palate. It is a plant-based recipe but let me tell you something. My husband stuck his nose up at it when I first made it. I implored him to just try it (as you would with most two-year-olds). I assured him that he would like it. He ate a spoonful begrudgingly and then a bowlful. And then without any hesitation, he ate another bowl. As he ate that second bowl and then also when he asked me to make the exact same recipe the next day, I did not remind him that I’m always right.

But, for me, this recipe is the recipe of leaves changing colors and cooler weather. It is a recipe filled with the scents of calmness and relaxation. It allows me to take myself to a better spot than a 107 degree day filled with gray poison in the air. It is a recipe that provides me the backdrop of seasons changing where there is always the possibility of something new!

So, if you are up to transporting yourself to somewhere new, check out this amazing Butternut Squash Risotto. Light a candle and put the "Do Not Disturb" message on. According to an old Latin proverb, “when the belly is full, the head is pleased.” Go get your belly full on your old standby comfort food or be adventurous!

Butternut Squash Risotto
Download PDF • 602KB

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