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There Is No Try!

Although I am not a Star Wars fanatic, I do love a good quote. What Yoda was trying to instill in Luke Skywalker was this concept of how your thoughts can set the expectations. If you set the bar to failure, you will fail. If you set the bar to success, in spite of all odds, challenges and detours, you will succeed.

One of my pet peeves is listening to my mother (who is not reading this blog) tell me that she will "try" as I gently, but lovingly scold her about her eating and exercise habits. She is tired, but lacks the fuel from healthy food. She struggles with energy when getting those endorphins moving from exercise could help. My response is always, "Don't try. Just do it."

So get out there. Don't just "try" to get yourself through these hip struggles. Be committed to fighting back against those moments when you may feel hopeless. Know it will be a struggle, have your down moment, clean the dirt off of your figuratively skinned knee and trudge on. You will DO IT!

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