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Having a Joy-filled Belly

So, I'm not only blogging about my hips. I'm blogging about overall health and wellness because I really don't want my life to be defined by my hips. Of course, sometimes, they want to define me, but I'm working hard against that. I focus on a ton of other stuff too - trying to be the best version of myself. I'm currently working an Ayurvedic program with my mentor, Mel, of Yogifuel who is helping me improve all aspects of my life. This last week we talked about "just being" for a few hours. I did not calendar it on my schedule which was a huge obstacle to overcome for me. I just decided that I was going to get cozy and watch two movies back to back with the scent of my flickering candle. And then I decided that there is nothing better to wrap up a Saturday afternoon watching movies than with breakfast for dinner.

Mel Singh,

So, my new favorite way to make pancakes fills my belly and keeps it full. It ensures my protein levels are met, which since I have been eating plant based for over a year, is super critical. But, more importantly, it gives me the comfort food that my mind needs without punishing my body. It is healthy comfort food packed full of joy and nutrition. Try something new! Check out the recipe download! You can't expect your body to heal if you are filling it with junk.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

- Hippocrates

Melissa Singh Yummy Pancakes
Download PDF • 246KB

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